Why We Won’t Fail You

Why We Wont Fail You

Often people look at outsourcing to Africa as a risk because we are seemingly thought of as providing services below standard, maybe true, maybe not, but I can only speak for Pixels-VA. With over ten years in the IT industry and approximately four years outsourcing IT professionals, we know what counts most are:
Uninterrupted electricity, reliable internet service provider, high-speed computers, quiet office environment, real-time response to client needs, an already trained staff and a reliable means of tracking productivity.

Uninterrupted Electricity
Pixels-VA is well prepared should there be a power interruption. We have a generator backup as our second source of power should the national power grid fail us. All computers have UPS to allow a smooth transition from the national grid to the generator without disrupting work.

Reliable Internet Service Provider
The backbone of I.T. Outsourcing is the internet; hence we cannot over emphasize the quality of service we receive from our internet service providers. We have three internet service providers. Our primary internet service provider offers us a speed of 22mpds and the two other service provides that acts as buck provide speed of 8mpds and 3mpds respectively. Certainly, all three lines do not go off or lose its speed at the same time.

High-speed Computer System
Working with an old raggedy computer is a drag even if you are the most efficient and skilled IT professional. At Pixels-VA we use high specs computers with the most update to date Software and operating systems to serve our clients better.

Serene Office Environment
We believe that the comfort of an office brings the best out of our staff. We have spacious, air conditioned room, fully furnished with modern office facilities and furniture for the comfort of our workforce

Real-time Response to Client Needs
All employees are trained to respond to your messages and emails within minutes. All tasks are treated as urgent. We start work exactly on your requested time and make sure all assigned tasks are completed on schedule. The company makes room for the emergency needs of clients providing a quick turnaround on such tasks. Within working hours, all staff can be reached via Skype or any preferred means of communication. Pixels VAs are responsive to emails outside working hours.

An Already Trained Staff
Our staff start work already prepared, you can be sure your Virtual Assistants have at least a certificate in the skills set you have stated in your hiring form. Aside from that, all VAs have a degree qualification or higher. All VAs are familiar with the most popular project management software and software relevant to their field of expertise.

Tracking Productivity
Often the question most people ask about outsourcing is how do you track productivity? Well at Pixels-VA, we have digital watchdogs in place that does better time tracking than keeping a constant eye on your in-house staff. The tracking software, aside tracking time also records screenshots. You can log in as a client at your end and see that your VA is genuinely working for you. The software allows accurate invoicing, so you only pay for work that is done for you. The software also shows details of which websites were visited and which applications were used, it gives detailed report on how much time was spent on each task.

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