Virtual Webmaster

The webmaster is responsible for designing and developing web applications and components, test, enhance, and ensure that everything is working accordingly. If you own a website and you need changes and updates a virtual webmaster is the right person to handle the job. The web expert will see to it that the website meets all google requirements and it's free from malware. There is no limit as to what the virtual web designer can do based on your job description. A web designer once employed is subject to your cooperate rules and regulations.

Under our webmaster services, we offer VA services which may stand alone or as part of a webmaster service. These are;
Graphic Designer
Ecommerce Specialist


Duties and Responsibilities of a Pixels VA Virtual Webmaster

  • Maintain website
  • Generate and revise web pages as directed
  • Design websites
  • Ensure that software and web servers are operating accurately.
  • Create and modify appearance and settings on-site.
  • Layout content on web pages.
  • Test websites to see if they are fully functional.
  • Fix broken links and any web issues.
  • Test websites across browsers, operating systems, and devices.
  • Ensure site speed and functionality are on point.
  • Monitor online traffic and conventions etc. Configure. maintain and troubleshoot servers 

Knowledge, Skills and Personal Qualities

• Has a degree in Information technology or Computer Science.
All Pixels webmasters have knowleadge in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, MySql, and Php. They also have knowledge in CMS such as WordPress, Shopify, etc.
We have VAs with knowledge in a long list of programming languages. A webmaster is assigned based on client needs.
Knowledge of web standards
Knowledge in SEO and web analytics etc.



• Creative
• Active listening and learning skills
• Possess time management skills
• Conversation and layout optimization skills

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Personal Attributes

• Pixels VA Virtual Web Specialists are:
• Able to work under pressure and digest complex problems
• Able to analyze needs and product requirements to create design
• Proficient in the English language, literature, and comprehension
• Socially Perceptive hence understands others reactions in relation to design and art
• Authentic and original in all their works, able to come up with ideas and designs unique to every client
• Detail-oriented

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