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Some key features aside the to-do list include project organization, email integration, group discussions, file uploads, task creation, file and document sharing, file labeling, client projects, event organizations, project permissions, agenda view, Basecamp search, project archiving, calendar view, etc.

GOOGLE APPS FOR WORK: We definitely cannot do without googleapps, every VA has a Gmail account assigned to work.

a. Google Calendar: We have a weekly, monthly and yearly plan that keeps everyone on track and aware of pending events. With its reminder feature, you cannot miss out on the team’s schedule. Clients come from different countries all over the world; the calendar serves as a reminder of holidays, both national/bank holidays and personal holidays. The year’s public holiday goes on the calendar right from day one when a contract commences for both staff and clients. According to our company policy, Personal holidays should appear on the enterprise Google Calendar at least one month before a stated date.

b. Google Sheets: Here at Pixels VA we use Google sheets for saving usernames and passwords to the various accounts we use for work, this takes away the need to always ask for log-in details. If any new accounts are opened, it is updated here, and it’s shared with the relevant people within the team. We also use sheets for data forms that require more than one person working on it. The Andriod and iOS apps make it possible to make changes on the go.

c. Google Docs: Important documents are shared and updated on a regular basis on Google docs. At Pixels, we employ the use of Google docs to open, edit and create web documents. These documents can be stored online and accessed from any computer, phone or tablet.

d. Google Drive: Drive allows the virtual work to be more flexible. All virtual assistants work from our office; we do not have any work from home VAs. However, if a VA has done his hours and needs to finish up work from home, they are entitled to it. This is made possible with Google Drive. All work related files are backed up here on Google drive, so you can get home and continue work on your PC with ease. With this system in place, should a VA take over work from another, all related files are in place since the Gmail account is for the company and not the individual.

e. Google Slide: When there is a procedure or order, or a stepwise way of doing things, Google slides makes it possible to put together a clear presentation. Training materials are uploaded here because slides tell the story better.

f. Google Hangouts: Often we switch between Hangouts and Skype for daily work chats, it’s usually about client preference, but Hangout is reserved for conversations outside working hours and often between VAs. When you need to chip in something or brief statement over the weekend you can be sure it will get to VA via hangouts.

DROPBOX: Huge files are shared using Dropbox, one advantage with Dropbox is the recipient may not necessarily have the software installed but can receive and have access to the document sent. Among Pixels-VA staff everyone has a Dropbox account, and the storage of the team documents is done here while personal staff storage is on Google drive.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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