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The virtual way of working is taking over the old fashioned style of having in-house staff. In-house staffing is comparatively expensive though it comes with the advantage of easy collaboration, this benefit is gradually diminishing due to the influx of virtual tools which are slowly bridging the distance gap. Here are top software applications that make our virtual work possible.

SKYPE: This software plays a crucial role, it’s what kicks starts the virtual working process. Most often at PixelsVA, we use Skype to interact with clients, either via voice, text chat and sometimes video chat as some customers have at some point requested a live view of office environs.

When we get to understand client needs and the client’s requests for an interview, it happens with the aid of this software as well. Daily work interactions are also made possible via Skype. Task update, basic file sharing, team chats, etc., all happen here.

For VAs whose position requires that they handle calls on behalf of the client either as a Customer support person or personal Assistant, a Skype Number is bought for the preferred country, or state and calls are diverted to our local numbers here. There are however other means of receiving and making calls aside through Skype.

TIME DOCTOR: The risk involved in working virtually is completely eradicated with this software. The fear of paying your VA but wondering whether or not the task is being done and hours are billed fairly does not exist anymore. With time doctor all these doubts are erased.

Time Doctor provides comprehensive time tracking, excellent reporting, poor time report, absent or late report, web app usage reports, etc. It also takes screenshots and mouse movements. This software does better monitoring than you would do yourself with your in-house staff.

At Pixels-VA Time Doctor is our official time tracking software. With this software installed clients can verify that the assigned VA is working during your preferred hours. You get weekly reports in your email that cover total work done by every VA on your team, a breakdown of how much time was spent on projects, screen shot recordings, etc. A client can log on anytime during working hours to check work activity of the VA or later to see what tasks were done during the day.

BASECAMP:  With Basecamp everyone is on track, on the same page and fully updated on projects. It is a Project Management software that is essential in managing the virtual workflow.

This web-based software makes it possible to have organized projects; it makes commenting on projects a breeze, files and all other documentations assigned to projects are intact. It creates an organized environment and allows you to keep track on issues in a well-structured form.

With Basecamp, you are always in tune with projects as you get email notification of all activities and can give quick response even when you are out of the office and on the go. It is mobile friendly and comes with Andriod and iOS apps. To do lists are streamlined and organized. Once tagged or assigned to a project you will receive updates on every comment made, image uploaded and any additions or subtractions made to projects.

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