Our Uniqueness

Our Uniqueness

We are the best virtual assistant company, and in our pursuit, for excellence, we strive to please our clients. We consider ourselves better than any Virtual assistant or freelance company because:

1. Most freelance agencies just create a platform for the freelancer and his employer; we go beyond that, we see to it that the job is done and done right, at any point should you be dissatisfied with the performance of VA we will offer you a replacement in less than 24hours.

2. We do not leave you to your fate should your hired staff be absent due to an unexpected event; our backup plan makes another assistant available within minutes of such situation. The backup VA is trained for this purpose and is, therefore, knowledgeable of the position; the VA will seamlessly fit in for as long it is required.

3. You pay peanuts but you do not get monkeys, all our assistants have tertiary level qualification. We have selected the best professionals nationwide and made them available at your disposal. You can rest assure that your VA is one of the best-paid staff in his field of expertise so are working with a content team.

4. Your VA is constantly motivated and psyched to see your business grow. We are not your everyday VA who is just in to make money but at Pixels VA we want to make an impact on your business, we want to see your business grow and we work endlessly to see this happen.

5. We tie success and achievements to rewards. The success of our assistants is dependent on the personal ratings you give them.

6. Our assistants are trained to:
• Take initiative
• Take responsibilities for mistakes
• Invoice fairly
• Respond positively to criticisms
• Bring ideas to the table

Hire a Virtual assistant and focus on the core of your business