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F rom July 2018, Google will show explicit warnings to users of a site that it is insecure. This warning will be show in the chrome address bar on all HTTP sites as Not Secure.Though not everyone uses chrome, a whopping 50 percent of browsers are chrome users. No website owner wants to have a high bounce rate. This warning will affect how secure site visitors feel and hence will not just affect bounce rate but sales and overall ROI.

The important question here for anyone with no tech knowledge is, what is https?
Https, Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the s meaning secure provides site users with high-level protection in three main forms;
1. Data Integrity: Data cannot be corrupted or modification without going unnoticed during transfer.
2. Authenticity: Prevents attacks from third parties, all data feed to the site is received by the site alone.
3. Encryption; Information on the site cannot be stolen because privacy is protected by encrypting data exchanged.
So the question is, should you upgrade to https? For the e-commerce site, you have no excuse, the rest, well why wait, you may lose traffic and revenue.
Do you need help migrating from http to https? We are here to help, send us a message.


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