Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers

Pixels graphic artists listen to clients, understand their needs, target audience and create design solutions that have a high visual impact. You probably own an eCommerce website or a site that requires frequent banner updates, price changes or any other graphic related business or firm, get the best out of our graphic designers. There are no boundaries to what they can do and no limit to your demands.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Draw charts, graphs, and illustrations and other artwork using appropriate software
• Review final layouts and suggest illustrations
• Assemble final designs and prepare layouts for printing
• Text update
• Photo updates
• Picture manipulation
• PDF creation, management, and updates
• Adding and deleting pages
• Creating new designs, etc.

Knowledge, Skills and Personal Qualities
• Have a degree in Graphic Design, Fine Arts or an IT relevant field of study plus a diploma, certificate or training in Communication and Media, Customer and Personal Service, Sales and Marketing, Fine Art.
• Knowledge in color schemes
• Knowledge of printing process or photography.
• Knowledge and profound experience in graphic design software, i.e., Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Maya, etc.

• Creative
• Active listening and learning skills
• Possess time management skills
• Conversation and layout optimization skills

Personal Attributes
• Pixels VA graphic designers are:
• Able to work under pressure and digest complex problems
• Able to analyze needs and product requirements to create design
• Proficient in the English language, literature, and comprehension
• Socially Perceptive hence understands others reactions in relation to design and art
• Authentic and original in all their works, able to come up with ideas and designs unique to every client
• Detail oriented

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