Frequently Asked Questions


How do I choose the right person ?

When you are working with the pixels team that is not a responsibility you will bear. A qualified person work on your task. For each task you assign to us you can be rest assured the most skilled person is working on that task.

Will multiple virtual assistants work with me or just one?

You will always have one point of contact, this is based on your job requirements and choice of package. Ideally for Quick fix, Trial, Entrepreneur, Starter and Smart subscriptions, your point of contact will be a project manager and for Part- time and Full-time packages your point of contact will be a dedicated VA. This may however vary based on your specific needs.

Can I change my Assistant at any time?

If you are working with a dedicated VA you can request to make a change at anytime. Please reach us via email and the change will be effected immediately.

How do I communicate with my assistant?

If you are working with a dedicated assistant, the assistant will be available via email, Skype, the project management app or your preferred means of communication during working hours. Project managers are also available during working hours via this same means. Outside working hours we do our best to respond to you as soon as possible.

How soon does work start?

You can start assigning tasks immediately you buy subscription package. Your point of contact will give you any further guidance needed.

What skills do the Pixels assistants already have?

The skills set of a VA is dependent on your job requirements. You can request specific skills set. You can read more on the skills set of your VAs here. You can read more on the skills set of your VAs here

What if I have unique needs?

We will love to have a conversation with you about how best we can meet your specific needs in anyway possible.

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Within my dashboard I see assign a task and assign a project. How do I know which to use and what do they mean?

If you have a subscription you assign tasks and the hours that go into these tasks are subtracted from your subscription hours. If you need work done outside your subscription package like anything displayed on our capabilities page (https://pixelsva/capabilities) then put this under projects

So how do I assign a task ?

When you buy a subscription package you will have an admin dashboard. The menu bar has a “assign a task” button. You can click on this enter the task title and details and click send. You can also email your tasks to we receive your tasks we will put it under our project management software and all correspondence will take place there.


Are there any hidden fees and charges?

No, your monthly fee is all you pay.

What happens to my hours if I don’t use it all within the month?

Your hours are rolled into the next month, so long as you do not cancel your subscription your hours are reusable in the subsequent months. Hours however reset to zero after a year. All our plans reset after year.

How are hours tracked?

All VAs are trained to invoice responsibly, we also use the best time tracking software. You can request a report at any time.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime, contact billing prior to your next billing. If you have been billed your request will take effect the next month.

What do I do if I need more hours?

Upgrade your subscription to a plan that will work for you. If you need assistance contact support.

Can I downgrade when I feel I need less hours?

You can downgrade anytime. You are however entitled to a downgrade in a cycle (12 months).

Can I request for different hours?

Contact support and we will see how best we can help.