E-Commerce Specialists

E-Commerce Specialists

The Pixels VA eCommerce specialist is an all rounder when it comes to eCommerce. Handles all standards, technologies and practices for both business to business and business to customer eCommerce models. Can perform all major duties for the successful operation of the eCommerce platform.

The specialist works with a team, made up of graphic designers, content/article writers, customer support personnel, accountants, programmers and the listing team. He sees to the successful operation of the eCommerce business and assigns roles to team members as and when needed based on the direction or influence of the website owner.

For small eCommerce stores he handles all duties and assigns roles he is not specialized in like graphic design, article writing or accounting tasks, etc., some of our eCommerce specialists however can handle some of these roles. For bigger eCommerce companies aside the eCommerce specialist, there are also graphic designers, article writers, accounting staff that deal directly with the client.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Oversees site performance, testing and evaluation
• Reports to site owners on a regular basis
• Facilitates relationships among marketing, customer service, promotion, performance testing and evaluation
• Can personally handle duties, from site design and maintenance, customer support, listing, inventory among many others
• Manages eBay and Amazon stores
• Processes orders
• Maintains store categories, adds, removes or relocate categories
• Vendor Store Management, handles all communication between client shop and vendor shops, stays abreast with all vendors and products, identify content sources and other relevant resources
• Conducts periodic quality checks

• Has a Degree in Computer Science or Computer System Analyst with a compulsory Diploma or certification in ecommerce Specialist
• Has knowledge in top ecommerce platforms such as WordPress Woocommerce, Big Commerce, Shopify, 3dCart, wix.co.1shoppigcart , Volution, Prestashop , Magento, Joomla, etc.
• Has also has hands on experience selling on Amazon and eBay and can provide professional guidance
• Four years plus experience in using Excel and the other office suite
• Professional experience in HTML, PHP, CSS and JS

• Efficient at multi tasking
• Critical thinker
• Problem solving skills
• Excellent time management skills

• Willingness to learn
• Impressive technical skills
• Has ability to plan
• Respect for deadlines
• Has team work mentality
• Has a business perspective on things

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