This VA attends to customers first hand by responding to client queries and providing product and service information, initiate sales or a business transaction, with the sole aim of making a client happy or providing utmost satisfaction. Pixels-VA currently doesn’t handle customer support via voice, we handle support via chat, email, knowledge base, and any text related service. Customers who work with us for 6 months or more may however request voice/talk services if they need 20 hours or more of voice service. Request for voice service should be made a month in advance.

We Provide expert support services through the following software:


If you have your preferred ticketing software we will work with you

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Duties and Responsibilities

  • Gathers information on business content and creates an appropriate customer account
  • Maintains customer records by regularly updating information
  • Responds to customer concerns via email, live chat, phone calls or any other means specified
  • Maintains a detailed and accurate record of correspondences and all discussions with clients and provides a comprehensive report on a regular basis
  • Regularly provides product and service reports
  • Collects customer data, analyze their needs, and gives recommendations on products and services for the progress of the company
  • May suggest adjustments be made based on experience and information gathered
  • Help to develop and maintain customer service policy for the organization
  • Works to increase client database by responding, convincing, and persuading customers via phone, live chat, or email conversation
  • Studies and masters products and service knowledge of your organization
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Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Has a degree in Psychology, English or a field relevant to customer relation
• Knowledge and experience in all Microsoft Office Suite


• Advanced computer skills
• Phone skills
• High-level office skills
• Listening Skills
• Problem Solving Skills
• Multi-tasker
• Excellent Documentation skills
• Quality focus oriented
• Able to resolve conflicts


Training with Pixels includes the following:
• Diploma in customer service
• Certificate in Conflict Resolution
• Proficiency certificates in CRMs such Infusion soft, salesforce, zendesk, salesboom, Basecamp, etc


• Excellent command over the English language Eloquent
• Patient when dealing with customers
• Ability to convince clients in the shortest possible time
• Able to multitask
• Able to work under pressure
• Willingness to help
• Adaptable
• Cheerful
• Analytic and thorough

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