Inprem Holistic Community Resource Center, is an NGO that is there to create sustainable community to prevent and alleviate human suffering, heal the spirit via inspiring hope, deliver information, provide advocacy services, and enhance quality of life for collective residents in Central Ohio area.

Primary Services Offered:
Virtual Assistant services
Custom Software Development

Virtual Assistant services
Inprem had an existing website that needed constant work. The virtual assistant services offered to Inprem included web updates and administrative services.Web work includes,creating and updating web banners.Adding new pages to the website, eg blog page, sponsorship page, our international community page etc. several tweaks are also made on a daily basis to make sure the website is fully functional and meets google standards.

Administrative services
included, creating email newsletters, managing the blog , SEO work and social media work.

Custom Software development.
Inprem needed volunteer software that had specific functionalities that met their eminent needs. All the features they needed weren’t in one particular software on the market so we went to work and built a software that came their primary features these are:
-clock-in and clock out feature

  • clock- ins automatically recorded current time and date

    -gathered all volunteer data such email, phone numbers etc

  • The custom software has a reports feature where detailed volunteer data can be downloaded on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.
  • Reports can be downloaded in CSV, PDF or Word format.

Queendafred Payroll Services Ltd, specializes in automated payroll management. They provide cloud-based payroll software and services particularly in Africa.

Primary Services offered
Logo creation and branding materials
Website development
Custom Software development

Logo creation and branding materials
Logo was designed and a branding concept as well.

Website development
We developed a fully functional website that address features and functionalities of the software.

The Custom software was built in Microsoft environment.

.Net, C#, MMSQL

The features includes the following

This portal allows management and employers add or remove employees, edit schedules, manage employee and company documents etc. Employers also get to access employee’s pay rates and taxes etc.

The employee self service portal provides a dashboard with accessible tools. First time users get usernames and options to generate their own password. They can update contact informations, check payment histories, withholdings, benefits breakdown,tax information etc

All it takes here is a simple submission of your payroll and Queendafred will manage the rest. Payroll tasks will be debited and deposited on their due dates. Signing and remitting of tax filing will be properly done. Queendafred handles all IRS/GRA related forms and documentations.

Our software is reliable and user friendly. It also has an easy to navigate interphase which comes with the flexibility of paying employees regardless of which payroll option they are on, this may either be salaried, hourly or contractors.

The software comes with detailed payroll reports. You get detailed insights and reports per employee profile and overall company results. This will give a clearer picture on your business operations.

Queendafred comes with flexibility of adding unlimited accounts, making this exceptionally beneficial for accountants or enterpreneurs with multiple businesses to manage. Adding another business is just a simple process and you can switch between these accounts seamlessly. All payroll activities stay within each business account and do notinterfere with the other.

Services Offered
Logo design
Website development
Virtual Assistant Services

Logo Design
A logo was design as specifically directed by client.

Website development
Built a WordPress e-commerce website with features,, functionalities and atheistic as directed by client.

Virtual assistant services
Virtual assistant services Offered here is the area graphic design for website, social media campaigns and email campaigns.

Regular web updates as and when needed by the client.

Services offered
Logo Creation
E-commerce website development

Logo Creation
Created sample logos for the company based on their current colors and concept.

E-commerce website
A WordPress e-commerce website was developed for the company.
The site has product catalogue of close to 2,000 products.