Case Study

Case Study

These are just a few businesses that Pixels-VA has provided virtual support for.


Air Concern Limited

Air Concern has used the Services of our Virtual Assistants since 2011. The company started off by hiring a General VA who handled all activities of the website and responsibilities pertaining to the business. Our assistants have a sense of commitment and dedication. Our VAs contributed their quota to the success of the firm. Below are the main roles of VAs assigned to this company.

Evelyn (Operations Manager)
• Acts as the team leader and coordinates all activities within the group.
• Sees to the project management activities of the organization.
• Introduces and trains new staff to the business.
• She can handle almost all activities pertaining to the business, this is listing, vendor shop coordination, article writing etc.

David (Channel Listing Manager)
• Graphic designing
• EBay active upload and fixing duplicates on various channels such as Ebay France, Ebay Germany, Ebay UK, Ebay Australia.
• Amazon price updates such as Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon USA, Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain.
• Amazon UK Fee Update and Shipping Update
• Air Concern price update on Amazon UK and Airconcern UK
• EBay price update (file exchange) on Ebay France, Ebay Germany, Ebay UK, Ebay Australia.
• Generate Weekly Listing Plan to various channels
• Amazon UK inventory upload
• Expand offers internationally on Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain.
• Listing quality checks on various channels
• EBay listing limits
• Updating listings on Channel KPI
• Air concern customer reviews

Lawrence (Channel Products Coordinator)
• Listing products
• Updating prices
• Graphic designing of web banners and all graphics related to the business
• Video Editing

Joshua (Category/Channel Coordinator)
• Listing across channels
• Monitoring / Updating web activities
• Resolving listing issues on Amazon channels
• Updating KPI
• Sending Customer Request feedback
• Resolving Negative Feedback issues on Amazon Channels

Ebenezer (Customer Service Coordinator)
• Resolves product or service problems by clarifying the customer’s complaints; determining the cause of the problem; selecting and explaining the best solution to solve the problem; expediting correction or adjustment; following up to ensure resolution through osTickets software.
• Resolving their cases in a form of complaints on eBay resolution centre.
• Negative feedback fellow-up on various channels such as Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon U.S.A, Amazons Spain and Amazon Italy.
• Negative feedback fellow-up on various channels such as eBay UK, eBay Germany, eBay France, eBay U.S.A, eBay Spain and eBay Italy.
• Sending feedback request fellow-up to customers on the various channels to assess their satisfaction in our service delivery.

Emmanuel (Vendor Shop Coordinator)
• Deals directly with Vendor Companies on all products purchases.
• Checks daily on products running low or out of stock.
• Initiates purchases from vendor shop and passes it on to Account Manager to make payments.
• Research on products that will sell on company’s website and introduces it to the company’s list of products.

Eunice (Accounts Manager)
• Cancelling transactions of customers who have not paid for their orders and orders which are out of stock on the ebay resolution centre.
• Sending feedback request, follow-up to customers on the various channels to assess their satisfaction in our service delivery.
• Contacting suppliers for their statement of accounts to ensure that it reconciles with what we have in our records and used to process invoice which are due for payment every month.
• Imputing payments transaction on various channels such as Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon U.S.A, Amazons Spain and Amazon Italy on xero and to ensure that each transaction reconcile.
• Entering invoices of payments to be made or payments made on xero.

3 Lizards Media

This is a graphics design and web development company. PixelsVA web development Virtual Assistants worked on Project basis for 3lizards Media in handling mostly web development tasks. These included websites that were coded from scratch. Other websites were built from CMS such as WordPress, Joomla and many more.

We have also developed several E-commerce websites as VAs working for 3lizards media using platforms like WordPress/Woocommerce, Shopify, Joomla Virtue Mart among many others. We do not deal directly with clients but we are provided with all necessary details needed for the successful development of websites.

Private Stock Menswear

Private Stock Menswear started using our services in 2014 for Graphic Design Purposes. The Graphic Design Virtual Assistant assigned to this task handled all graphics related to the business from web banners, social media ads, stationery design and much more.

After several months of customer satisfaction, a second VA was added to handle all web maintenance activities; duties include uploading new banners, adding or removing new products. Maintain the website is fully functional by removing bugs, updating plugins, maintaining the website speed among many others.

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