Article Writers

Article Writers

As a business owner you may not be skilled or trained to handle the content on your website even if you are its not in your job description and you will need ample time to focus on the core of your business. The main responsibilities here are writing, articles, creating content or improving upon it and responding to clients on your blog, forums, queries, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities
Understands the intent and purpose of your website and puts together excellent search engine, friendly articles, etc.
Their duties include;
• Gathering information about topic
• Revising or rewriting material
• Creates a title or heading for a written story, article or content
• Conveys information and expresses ideas with written words
• Proposes topics on subject areas to write about
• Write web content based on material supplied
• Writes product description and brand support materials
• Improves or rewrites better articles
• Assists and supports experts like engineers, fashion designers, architects, etc., in developing specific content for projects

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Has a degree or masters in English, Communication, Journalism or related field

Training with Pixels-VA
• Fundamental of websites

• Knowledge and understanding of keywords and meta tags
• Understanding of what content works for the internet
• Knowledge in all word processing programs

• Has the ability to work in a team, alone and under pressure
• Has good research skills
• Good communication skills
• Excellent writing skills

Personal Attributes
• Has a flare for writing
• Discrete about delicate content
• Organised
• Critical thinker

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