Administrative Assistance

Administrative Assistance

This Virtual assistant will do what your in house manager and secretary would have done for you from office from clerical duties to organisational and managerial ones. This VA may also act as your Personal Assistant seeing to and acting as the right hand man for all your organisational activities.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Managing and maintaining budget
• Create and maintain useful database
• Archiving and storing documents computer based information
• Maintain and distribute staff weekly schedule
• Online research and survey
• Undertake banking, credit card control and payroll functions
• Performs clerical duties
• Handles client communication needs from emails to phone calls to live chat
• Putting together presentations
• Bookkeeping
• Handles database entries and database presentations
• Handles scheduling
• Preparing newsletters
• Sees to it that goals and objectives are met
• Email correspondence
• Handling phone calls
• Write office memorandum, business letters and reports
• Put up purchase requests for all approved purchases for the necessary approvals and verify invoices for the raised purchases upon delivery of goods and services.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
• Holds a degree in Business Management, Politics, Government, Public Administration, Commence or a related field.

• Knowledge in business practices and cooperate governance
• Proficient in technological skills such as processing, document management, calendar and billing, desktop publishing and many more
• Has a wide scope of general knowledge
• Knowledge in finance and capital market, foreign exchange and socio-economic condition
• Knowledge in human relations

• Proficient in technological skills
• Has problem solving skills
• Organisational skills

Personal Attributes
• Honest
• Good integrity
• Discretion when handling personal attributes
• Tactful and cautious
• Sense of responsibility and discipline
• Loyal and courteous
• Time cautious
• Able to work methodically, accurately and neatly
• Good oral and written communication skills
• Able to work as part of a team

Hire a Virtual assistant and focus on the core of your business