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Why Email Marketing is Bad for your Company

Why Email Marketing is Bad for your Company

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The fluff about how Email Marketing is the number one digital marketing strategy never ends, what are the grounds of this theory, everyone has an email, email marketing is affordable and emails are timely, are these good enough reasons to invest your efforts in time and money as a company?

How is it even possible to consider email marketing as a good digital marketing strategy when you have a large percentage of your subscribers unsubscribing on a regular basis and a bulk of the emails going into spam. How do you know the emails are serving the purpose of increasing ROI if you are not sure if it has been opened or read, not to mention if an action has been taken.

Have you even considered the fact that the emails may not be relevant to the needs of the customer, it is usually long, boring and readers don’t go beyond the heading. The recipients are usually not even interested in receiving emails from your company to start with.

Why are email marketing companies and software still thriving? Is there a bigger picture that your company is missing out on? Like every digital marketing strategy you can only reap the benefits if the right thing is done. It is true that almost everyone has an email, a HubSpot survey actually revealed that 91% of consumers use email, so how do you take advantage of this in your digital marketing strategy.

The first thing to consider is how you gather your emails for your mailing list, if your list is from customers who have at least showed interest in your business you will get a low unsubscribe rate. Never buy an email list, the emails may not be active, the people on the purchased email list don’t even know you neither are they interested in your products or services, a purchased email list will also harm your IP reputation, email deliverability and reputation of a company as a whole. There are better ways of creating an email list that will reach your target audience and provide the results intended.

Create an email opt in form near your log in or sign up form or create a link to subscribe to newsletters in your personal email signature. You can also create lead magnets, these are incentives you offer to consumers in exchange for their email e.g. eBooks.

Your emails yields more results if they are targeted based on the action your web visitors take, using an analytics software like Google Analytics , customer personas can be created, the email will be based exactly on what the customer wanted to buy, or the action they wanted to take so the ads are targeted towards that market segment. A research done by Watchfinder showed that their targeted emails resulted in ROI increase of 1300% in 6 months and an average order value of 13%.

A targeted email is one side of the equation, personalization increases ROI even more. It has a large impact on any email campaign because people pay more attention to email with their name rather than a generic one. The best email software gives data on the emails that are opened and avoid emails going into spam, so you can measure deliverability and fix the loop holes in terms of which customer personas yield the best results.

Email marketing is not bad after all if you know how to play your cards. It is proven to improve ROI, easy to gauge effectiveness, It has a better staying power unlike PPC and social media ads, it doesn’t just disappear and most importantly emails cast a huge net.


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