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Why Your Business Needs A Virtual Webmaster

Why your Business Needs a
Virtual Master

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No matter how small your business is or what kind of business you operate, having an online presence is important. A good web presence starts with a fully functional website that is error-free and meets Google Webmaster Guidelines. There were 3.5 billion web searches made per day on Google in 2018, your potential client could be searching for your product or service. Is your website feeding your audience the information they need to kick start a business with you? If the answer is NO, then something needs to be done, getting affordable webmaster services when needed is not a bad idea but a dedicated webmaster will go the extra mile.

A dedicated webmaster establishes a connection with you and your business, this personal relationship saves you time because they understand the structure of your website hence tasks are performed quickly, you can easily transition from one phase of your business to the other easily. Page creations and other additions flow and are in sync. You will not want to go through a situation where an online form, for example, has to be filled and it doesn’t get into your inbox because of a broken link causing you to miss client emails, a dedicated webmaster will nice this before it becomes a big issue and fix it in a snap.

A virtual web specialist will see to it that your website is always of good standing so Google can crawl your web pages, affordable webmaster service is not that hard to find but the quality of the service is important.

Your webmaster will perform the following tasks on a weekly basis;
• Monitor security and perform all necessary updates on your website.
• Repair any broken links and fix any bugs.
• Update and maintain page reload time which is important because it affects your Google ranking.
• Maintain any updates.
• Provide performance report ranking, giving details on ranking, web visits, bounce rates, etc.

The Webmaster will also do the following when needed;
• Add any functionality required by the website owner, create new pages and posts.
• Communicate on your behalf with vendors on complex or technical issues
• Maintain cloud and virtual based servers.
• Optimize content to reflect current SEO trends.
• Help with email integrations and hosting options.

Investing in a Webmaster comes with long term benefits, the personalized services offered don’t just save you time and money but will ensure your site is current, relevant and up to date on all Google requirements putting your business in a position to earn more so if you ask yourself as a business owner do I need a virtual webmaster? The answer is YES.

You could have a Pixel Virtual Webmaster for as low as $10, get things done and done fast, you also have the peace of mind knowing your website is always in a good state and fully functional. Pixels webmaster services come with graphic support, so you can get the images cropped banner designed and uploaded and even how to videos done.


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