Web Masters

Web Masters

The web master is responsible for designing and developing web applications and components, test, enhance and ensure that everything is working accordingly. If you own a website and you do a lot of changes and updates a wed designer is the right person to handle the job especially if you are running a content management site. There is no limit as to what the web designer can do based on your job description. A web designer once employed is subject to your cooperate rules and regulations.

Duties and Responsibilities
• Draw charts, graphs, and illustrations and other artwork using appropriate software
• Review final layouts and suggest illustrations
• Assemble final designs and prepare layouts for printing
• Text update
• Photo updates
• Picture manipulation
• PDF creation, management, and updates
• Adding and deleting pages
• Creating new designs, etc.

Knowledge, Skills and Personal Qualities
• Have a degree in Graphic Design, Fine Arts or an IT relevant field of study plus a diploma, certificate or training in Communication and Media, Customer and Personal Service, Sales and Marketing, Fine Art.
• Knowledge in color schemes
• Knowledge of printing process or photography.
• Knowledge and profound experience in graphic design software, i.e., Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Maya, etc.

• Creative
• Active listening and learning skills
• Possess time management skills
• Conversation and layout optimization skills

Personal Attributes
• Pixels VA graphic designers are:
• Able to work under pressure and digest complex problems
• Able to analyze needs and product requirements to create design
• Proficient in the English language, literature, and comprehension
• Socially Perceptive hence understands others reactions in relation to design and art
• Authentic and original in all their works, able to come up with ideas and designs unique to every client
• Detail oriented

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